"To each their own
And my own is my own
So leave me alone."
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"I mean, if the relationship can’t survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?"
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"Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories, and of the thousands of mushroom species in nature, our ancestors and modern scientists have identified several dozen that have a unique combination of talents that improve our health."
Paul Stamets
"Be careful who you vent to."
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Its my outfit for tomorrows work..what are u people thinking about it…I would really like to know :)
"I feel like I’ve swallowed a cloudy sky."
Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart   (via portails)

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"I’m honestly not a bad person, my heart is in the right place; it’s just that my head isn’t."
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Where you feel it

bringing this back because important 

#basically shame is feeling like spiderman

D.R.E.A.M. - Drugs rule everything around me

I got an orgasm when I saw this

  MP-CARVFashion x Girls